Miami Duct Cleaning Scams

Help Protect Yourself From The Wrong Miami Duct Cleaning Service

Perhaps you’ve noticed some things are different around your home lately. There seems to be more dirt and dust on your shelves, or floors. Maybe you’ve noticed your AC bill slowly creeping up over the past few months. If you or your children have woken up with red eyes, or extra phlegm, it may be time to consider some Miami duct cleaning work. However, you may be in for quite a search when it comes to finding the right company.

Miami Duct Cleaning Scams

Miami Duct Cleaning Scams

There has been quite an uproar online recently about air duct cleaning scams in Miami. Miami Duct Cleaning has watched the angry mobs form. We hate to see our industry be tainted by those who are only out to make a quick buck. It has become so rampant that recently The Miami Herald addressed the scams directly on their site. The article is certainly informative, but is inaccurate in some respects. Miami duct cleaning services can be had at affordable prices, and without the customer feeling bamboozled with up-selling.

There’s No Substitute For Our Extensive Miami Duct Cleaning Experience

Our technicians have been performing quality air duct cleaning jobs for nearly 20 years. Many of the same technicians that we started with, still work for us. There is an established trust between our brand and the contractors who represent it. According to the article, one should expect to pay hundreds of dollars for a proper job. This is simply not true. There are many factors that affect the price of Miami duct cleaning. In most cases though, we can offer some of the lowest prices, and quickest service around.

The article also says to have an independent service verify that mold is present in your vents. This brings additional cost, in the neighborhood of as much as a couple hundred dollars. Our Miami duct cleaning servicemen are equipped with the latest technologies and equipment. We would be happy to show you exactly what is in your vents. From there, the choicer is yours.

You can read more about how we can properly service your air ducts by checking out our Miami air duct cleaning page. Be sure to contact us at any time if you have questions, as our offices are open 24/7! We are here to serve you, and want you to be able to trust a Miami duct cleaning company again!