Miami Dryer Vent Cleaning

A True Story From A Miami Duct Cleaning Customer About Miami Dryer Vent Cleaning:

Miami Dryer Vent Cleaning

Miami Dryer Vent Cleaning

I never knew the importance of cleaning my dryer vent until the day that I was drying clothes and began to smell something burning. I quickly turned the dryer off and removed the clothing that I had in it. I then called The dryer vent cleaning Miami service I had heard about, so that they could come and check out my vent. The Miami Duct Cleaning technician that they sent was very courteous and knowledgeable!

He informed me that by not cleaning my dryer vent on a regular basis that my home could catch on fire. I was so thankful that this didn’t happen on this day and I was thankful that I hadn’t turned the dryer on and went outside, to the neighbors or to the store. The technician from the Miami dryer vent cleaning company was able to quickly and efficiently clean my dryer by using an air hose.

He told me that neglecting to clean my dryer vent was also costing me more money on my utility bills by causing my dryer to run longer than necessary to dry my clothes. He also explained that dryer vent lint is very combustible and demonstrated that to me outside by placing a match to some of the lint that he had removed from my dryer vent. I was amazed at how quickly it caught fire and burned, it was really scary for me.

Miami Dryer Vent Cleaning Experts From Miami Duct Cleaning Helped Keep My Home Safe!

The Miami dryer vent service company that I used was great, the technician not only cleaned the vent but he also made sure that my vent was the proper length. He said that the longer the vent the more dangerous it is. He also said that the more twists and turns that the vent had the more dangerous it was. He informed me that I needed to make sure that I cleaned my screen after each load of laundry that I dried in order to keep the air flowing freely.

He was glad to see that my vent was made of metal and told me that plastic vents were dangerous to use. He checked behind my dryer to make sure that my venting wasn’t crushed and also that there weren’t other items behind the dryer that might be dangerous. I was so pleased with the Miami dryer vent cleaning service that I received that I put my dryer on a regular maintenance program so that the technician could come and check it on a regular basis.

Miami Dryer Vent Cleaning Is A Necessary But Affordable Expense

I told all of my friends and family members about the issues that I had with my dryer duct and how I called the professional dryer duct cleaning Miami offers to have it thoroughly checked. I told them how dangerous a clogged dryer vent can be and recommended that they take advantage of the great service in order to protect their family and their home. They were all shocked to think that they had never considered to have their vents on their dryer serviced.

I will always use Miami Duct Cleaning to make sure that my dryer is lint free and safe for my family and my home. I have also been pleased with their Miami Air Conditioner Sanitizing services. I trust and thank all of them!