Miami Air Conditioner Blower Cleaning

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Miami Air Conditioner Blower Cleaning

Miami Air Conditioner Blower Cleaning

Maintenance is mandatory to prolong the life of your Miami AC Blower as well as the air conditioner itself. Cleaning is a significant part of the maintenance process. Dust is the worst enemy for any appliance and is adversely going to affect the working of the appliance in a way that it may require repair that would be very costly as well. Once the dust particles are piled up on the blower the motor of your air conditioner, it might stop working.

Moreover the environment will be polluted and may generate allergies. A serious appliance issue can also cause a fire in the worst case scenario. Miami Duct Cleaning is one place that offers advanced level services in this regard.

Choose The Experts In Miami Air Conditioner Blower Cleaning

Experts at Miami Duct Cleaning know the tricks of the trade and can effectively repair and clean the AC blower. Moreover Miami air conditioner blower cleaning and maintenance services are reliable. The following reveals our cleaning strategy for your AC blower to achieve the best results.

Prevention is the key before beginning work on any appliance. Therefore we play it safe. Before blower cleaning Miami service begins, we ensure that the power to your unit is cut off to prevent electrical shock.
We have a clear perception of assembling the blower again due to our expertise and knowledge. We carefully remove the outer bolts from the blower.
We use vacuuming to remove the visible dust from the fan of the blower.

However, sometimes the dust is hard to remove and requires a little more than vacuuming. AC blower service Miami can effectively deal with this issue by using a solution that is made up of one gallon of warm water and half a cup of bleach. The dust from each fan blade is wiped using the solution.
However we can efficiently deal with cracked dust as well and a soft brush can do the job here.
Moreover we think in terms of long term benefits. We use that bleaching solution that can effectively remove mold as well.
We use a lint free piece of cloth to clean the outer parts of the AC blower. Furthermore, we replace all the disposable filters. Finally we clean the filters that are in the condition to be used easily.

Quality is our hallmark so once we assure that the blower fan is dry and does not have any remaining moisture in it we reassemble your appliance.
We fix all the bolts and screws again in a way that you would not be disturbed by any unpleasant noise and vibration since we value your comfort. Our thorough procedures help to complete our Miami air conditioner blower cleaning in an efficient way. We go even further with our Miami air coil cleaning service.

Invest Your Trust In Miami Duct Cleaning’s Services

Our Miami air conditioner blower cleaning services are undoubtedly the best. We believe in serving to the best of our abilities and that too in a cost friendly way. Once you trust us and our expertise in our services you are bound to be pleased with the results. Moreover we are confident that once you have tried our services you will definitely recommend us to others as well. You are not restricted to a certain time frame for contacting us. We are at your service 24/7. Moreover we have firmly planted our grounds in Miami and South Florida. This is a proof that we have stood to our grounds because we provide superior service.